Night night, night stand

Are you bored of your typical bedside table? Maybe it has the standard 2 drawers that somehow only accumulates junk. Or maybe you have a mountain of books piled high.. either way your bedside table should reflect your style just as much as your dining table. Lets not forget about one of the first tables you see in the morning and the one you last see before your head hits the pillow.

A bedside table doesn’t necessarily have to be a 4 legged table with drawers or cubbies.. look onward to get some fresh ideas to update your tired beside!!


Stools & Chairs

Talk about super easy!! And perhaps very thrifty of you.. if you remember my post about dining room chairs you will know some excellent and easy ways to get the look that you want.  You can try painting the whole chair or stool, or even just “dip” the legs in paint to add an accent colour. Maybe you have even a few stools or chairs kicking around in storage, this could be a nice Sunday project.


bedside - my
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bedside - little glass jar
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bedside -
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Crates and Pallet Wood

Old crates might be a little more difficult to find.. but if you do – stack a few old fruit or milk crates on top of each other if you need a little more storage. Put books on the bottom to create a mini bookshelf. You can also buy new crates from building supply stores, while you’re there – pick out your choice of paint or stain to achieve a rustic look. If you have a little bit of DIY blood running through your veins – you can rip apart an old pallet and put it back together the way you want. Just watch out for old nails and splinters!!


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bedside -
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bedside - saving by design
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For a totally modern clean look, you could either have one single shelf floating, or if you are needing a little extra room, try a floating cubby. Perfect if you have one book on the go, with just enough room for a cute succulent or flower.


bedside- glitterguide
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bedside - my paradissi
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bedside -
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bedisde -
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Okay, okay.. this is my cup of tea. A hanging shelf from the ceiling looks amazing. They look super clean, and free up space underneath. However, these might only be for the peaceful, graceful wakers..(?) HA.  Just imagine throwing your arm out to hit your snooze button and end up turning your bedside hanging shelf into basically a wrecking ball. That would NOT be my cup of tea.


bedside - popsugar
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bedside - frugelegance
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Beams & Stumps

Another excellent way to repurpose materials!! You can sand down and paint an old beam or clean up a chunk of a thick log if you are lucky enough to come across these materials. If not, you can still have this look for a pretty penny from Etsy, West Elm or Wayfair.


bedside - etsy 2
saved from etsy
bedside - remodelista
saved from remodelista
saved from etsy


What do you think of using other objects as bedside tables? Let me know what you guys think!!

I hope this gave you guys some new ideas for your tired beside table! Have a great week, and thanks for reading!


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