Hey, what’s up?!

I’m Darcy… If you’re wondering who the hell I am, read on..

I grew up in British Columbia, in Kelowna. Once I graduated high school I had NO idea what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.. it’s a pretty daunting thing, isn’t it? I had got myself into construction because I quickly realized I could make more money doing that than selling shoes (hey, more money to buy ‘em!).

I went from roofing, to working in a metal fabrication shop (which was SO COOL) to landing a pretty interesting job working with decorative concrete. While at these jobs, I really got to learn how things were built, and the way materials can be used in different applications. You know how people say things happen for a reason? Well it took me about 8 YEARS OF CONSTRUCTION to figure out that the skills I learned would set me apart in my new career..

During the days of my decorative concrete life, I got to work with home owners, contractors, and designers. Talking about colour and texture with them was the highlight of my day.  And of course being the one who did the finishing touches to achieve what the client wanted was pretty darn cool, too. So I started to realize this could be something I do when I “grew up”.  This is were I fell in love with concrete.. I loved the look of a polished concrete floor, or countertop, SO DREAMY!  So there I was, a girl who loved concrete, metal, death metal and beer. Not typical “designer” material I would say.. but hey, you gotta roll with it, right?

So off I went, moved to Vancouver Island to go to school in British Columbia’s capital city – Victoria. Once I was done school, there was no way I could leave this beautiful island. No way, Jose. To be surround by the ocean, and rainforest is incredible. Plus there are WAAAY too many delicious places to eat, and a girl’s gotta eat..

Anyway, I believe that my background in construction has shaped the designer that I have become, and I’m so excited to share some tips and tricks with you, and let you inside my head, hopefully we have a few laughs along the way.

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