Tiny Living, Big Ideas

I’ve always loved the idea of tiny living… there’s so much possibilities for problem solving, and space saving products. Take a look at this tiny home by “Olive Nest Tiny Homes”.

tiny home - tiny living1
saved from tiny living

I think I’m totally swooning over this home because it has a greenhouse, as well as a pergola. What a perfect idea to grow your own food, as well as (lets face it) food storage!! The house is a whopping total of 323 square feet. However – this doesn’t include the additional greenhouse and pergola – which has a porch swing!!

The metal roof and siding totally compliments the cedar shiplap siding, and with a total of 14 windows this home is not lacking in the natural light department!!

tiny living 10
saved from tiny living

When you step into this home you are greeted by beautiful bar that allows 2 people to sit at when its tucked up to the wall, but then can pivot out and seat 4!  The stairs also are multifunctional as well by allowing to have some storage underneath them. To the right is a small living room with a sofa that fits perfectly inset the walls.

tiny living 7
saved from tiny living
tiny home - tiny living 2
saved from tiny living
tiny living 6
saved from tiny living
tiny living 3
saved from tiny living
tiny living 4
saved from tiny living

The kitchen is simple but has a full size range and an apartment sized fridge, with open shelving allows for a light airy look. At the end of the home is the washroom, that has a stand up shower and regular toilet.

Heading up the stairs you enter the loft bedroom, the walls open up from being a vaulted ceiling to squared off walls and a TON of windows.

tiny living 5
saved from tiny living


tiny living 9
saved from tiny living

I think what makes this tiny home feel so much larger than it actually is – is the light wood and light paint.  They have also included recessed lighting that runs the length of the ceilingI could totally see myself living here!! Could you?!

Let me know what you guys think about tiny living!


2 Replies to “Tiny Living, Big Ideas”

  1. It’s amazing what people can do with such a small space. I’m for tiny homes. I feel like it helps people with society’s obsession of material objects.


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