Rugs, Rugs, Rugs!!

Today is going to be all about rugs… as fall is starting to approach us the cozy feelings will start to creep up too. Read on to get tips, and a little knowledge bomb so you can have your rug set up right with time to spare before that first leaf hits the ground and the world goes pumpkin spice crazy.

Hand Knotted VS. Machine Made

Machine made rugs are of course going to be cheaper option than hand made, however these will have no to very little value in the future. They can be made to mimic the pattern of a handmade rug, and multiples of the same pattern are mass produced.  Machine made rugs are typically made with synthetic materials, and occasionally wool. The pattern will be perfect with no mistakes and and same goes for the sizing

We’ve all seen a beautiful rug and flipped of the price tag to nearly have a stroke. You were probably looking at a hand made rug. A handmade rug can have on average 60 – 100 knots per square inch, but can have up to 1000 knots. Depending on the knot count, and the size.. these can take a single person 1- 2 years to make. Maybe now that price tag makes more sense. A handmade rug will most likely become a heirloom or appreciate in value as time goes on… so if you can – think of it as an investment that you live on.

  • Flat Weave

Sounds pretty obvious.. These rugs have a continuous line of knots that run the whole length of the rug. They are flat and have no pile, patterns are created by using different colours and different thickness of strands.

  • Hand Tufted

These are still done by hand but with the use of a “tufting tool”. The yarn is pushed through the framed backing which the pattern has been drawn. It is then backed with latex for stability, and then with fabric for a finished look.


  • Wool

Wool is an excellent option – it is durable AND soft!! It has a stain repellent thanks to natural oils, and excellent insulating properties. Sounds cozy, right? Wool rugs are great for living rooms, bedrooms, and high traffic areas. Keep them away from moist or humid areas as they tend to absorb.

  • Cotton

Typically cotton will be a flat weave rug. These are easy to clean and care for, so perfect for casual areas or in the kitchen. However they might not last as long.

  • Jute, and Sisal

These are durable, natural fibers that add amazing texture to its room. They are renewable resources so you can feel good about this purchase, and with their earthy neutral tones they are easy to place anywhere. However,  because of their texture they can be a bit tough to clean.. so plan accordingly.


Okay, so now that you may know what type of rug you’re looking for.. here comes the tough part. Finding the right size for your room – here’s a few tips for ya!

  • Living Rooms

If you have furniture against a wall you want your rug to slide underneath your sofa about half the deepness of your sofa and chairs.

Maybe your living room is in a large room and your furniture is “floating”, in this case have a rug that is large enough for all of your furniture to be fully on the rug.

If your living room is pretty small, feel free to have your rug centred under your coffee table with ends having equal spacing from your sofa. Or even have your sofa off of the rug, and your accent chairs on if your area is small and narrow.


rugs -
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saved from
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  • Bedrooms

A rug should extend past your bed about 36″ on the end and left and right sides.  If you don’t have the space the foot of the bed can be left off the rug.. but then in this case you could always use runners instead..

Runners are an excellent idea, because you feel like you didn’t pay a bunch of money for most of the rug to be hidden by your bed.


rugs- west elm 2
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  • Dining rooms

Keep in mind that chairs will be pushed out at times. Have enough rug that there is about 24″ behind the chairs so they can be pushed out with out falling off the rug.


rugs- apartment therapy 2
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rugs- the sweetest occasion
saved from the sweetest occasion


Can’t decide? Well you’re in luck because layering rugs is such a great look.. check these awesome pairs..


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rugs- west elm
saved from west elm
rugs- etsy
saved from etsy
rugs- contemporaryrugs.en
saved from contemporaryrugs.en


What do you think of the layered look? Thanks for reading guys!


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