Is Less More?

“Less is more”

A famous quote from my favourite architect, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. His designs were clean, simple, minimal.

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This idea transfers perfectly for this new trend of living a “minimalism” lifestyle. Where the only items you own are pieces you use every day, or love. Anything that doesn’t meet those rules are given away, traded, or recycled.

I’m all for the decluttered look. I love having open space in a room, and I honestly feel like the less “junk” you look at, the more you can create this free space inside your mind.  It’s peaceful, creative, and calm. There’s less stuff to clean, organize, and keep track of.

However, my whole house is not completely clutter free..

I love going through a closet and purging things I don’t wear. However, it takes me forever because I always pull out a coat that I’ve forgotten about. I try it on… decide if I still like it.. check all the pockets for a rogue $5 bill.. wonder if it’s still in style… and “Oh look! Chapstick!”

This seriously takes forever, and when I’m finished (3 hours later), I’ve maybe decided to get rid of just a few items. THIS IS RIDICULOUS! But there’s no way I’m the only one guilty of this. Right?!

But what if I never had to do that? What if I only owned 2 jackets, and 3 pairs of shoes? Would I end up spending less or more money on clothes because I’d buy quality over quantity? What about all those “special occasion” outfits? Or for me, I hold on to items that “I will eventually repurpose”. And if living this “minimalism” lifestyle creates more creativity and more ultimately more time what would I do with all my crafts and diys?

What if our parents or grandparents lived like this? How many amazing vintage pieces, T-shirts, or hats would be lost? Do you ever hold onto something for longer than you should, and once you find it – realize that it is sentimental to you, maybe it brings back a childhood memory, to a time that was simpler.

My grandfather died when I was in grade 4. He left a few things for me, one being his watch. What is a 10 year old girl going to do with her grandfathers Timex?  Well, it wasn’t until I was 16 when my sister gave me that watch for Christmas with a brand new leather band that was my style. I got so many compliments on that watch, and still do.

If my parents were strict minimalist, would they have kept that watch for 6 years without it being used. Or would they have packed it away in hopes I would eventually use it?

Where does one draw the line, and what does this idea look like for interiors..?


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In this look you are relying on your main furniture pieces, and minimal art work to portray your style and personality. Do you find these interiors peaceful, or are they missing something?

I understand the desire for simplicity when our world has become absolutely crazed with consumerism. I think that finding a good balance between what you find necessary to hold on to, and what you can part with, is the hardest thing. But maybe the sense of spacial freedom will take precedence over the need to hold on to “things”…

What are your thoughts? What are things that you are holding on to that you may think are silly but just can’t part ways with? Or do you live a total minimalist life? I would love to know!!



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