Moms and coffee tables. Same same, but different?


Okay, so the title might have you a little confused, and maybe just a little offended. But chill out.. I mean it in the nicest way possible! So how do I feel about my coffee table? Well, let’s face it – this sucker takes a beating.  From putting my feet up after a days  work, having art projects, and my latest Pinterest fail all over it ..(for weeks). To being my dining table for “those” nights – which honestly happen waaaaay more than we would like to admit, to holding everything needed for my girls night, game night, and my Netflix binge.  So after all this.. no wonder my coffee table looks the way it does.

Catch my drift? We put our moms through, well, shit, really. That god awful attitude that is inevitable during our teens years, when really they just wanted you to eat your damn breakfast and maybe pick up your smelly socks? How dare they..! PFFT!  Yet, they are always by your side, cheering you on. Always around when no one else seems to be, giving you advice, or just letting you vent and cry on their shoulder.

I have a great relationship with my mom.

I would like to think that my mom had a great influence on where I am right now in my career, because I believe it all stemmed from her suggesting I took up painting as a hobby. My mom is rad. While other girls moms took them to buy new dresses and tops for back to school, my mom took me to a body piercing shop to get my nose pierced when I was 14. Never regretted it, still have it.  When my first boyfriend broke up with me, she made me a martini. It tasted awful. However, I think that because of these things I was able to have an open, honest relationship with her because she wasn’t just my mother. She was my friend,  she was always on my side, and I was never afraid to be myself.

So thank you momma, and Happy Mothers Day. I love you, and I wish I could be with you today.

Okay, okay, coffee tables and mommas aren’t even close to comparable. If anyone can invent a table who can make them a martini.. market that shit like crazy.

So after all of the previous activities have played out on your coffee table (if you’re anything like me) how is it holding up? Does it really fit your lifestyle? Or is it time for a new one? If you’re in the market for a new table, here’s just a few tips to ensure that you get the right size for your sofa, and your room.

  1. The length of the coffee table should be 2/3 of the size of your sofa. If you have a sectional, the coffee table should NOT extend past the long side.
  2. The height should be around 2″ shorter than the seat height of your sofa.
  3. The width should ensure you have 14″-18″ of room between the sofa and the coffee table on the sides you sit at.

Maybe you just need to spruce up your coffee table decor, dude! Take a look at some of these coffee table decor photos.


Hadley court
saved from hadley court
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saved from homeyohmy

saved from chairish

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See anything similar in these photos? An excellent way to give some life to your coffee table is (of course) some type of plant, or flowers. Although, that’s not the similarity I’m talking about. These tables all have an unusual shaped item on them! Which totally gives interest to the typical square, rectangle, or circular shape. Genius, yes? So the next time your “cruisin’ down the street in my six-fo” and you go past that garage sale – STOP! You might be able to find some odd shaped item that a coat of paint will do wonders for, and your coffee table! Then, stack weird item on top of a couple books, toss in a candle, and BOOM, you’ve got a stylish table!

Now check out these other great tables, thanks for putting up with my Mothers Day sap, now go hug yo mama if you can!! Peace.


west elm
saved from west elm
saved from

archetype concepts
saved from archetype concepts

saved from decoratio

Studio McGee
saved from studio mcgee

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saved from decoholic

saved from homedit

saved from decoratio


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