A Little Lighting Lesson

Hello!! I can NOT believe that it is already the second week of May..! I’ve already forgotten about my “New Years resolutions” and I’m back in my old ways.. Damnit. While I’m sitting here trying to drink my 8 cups of water in one sitting… let’s talk about LIGHTING!!

Lighting is so, so , SO important. The amount of natural light a person gets can have great effects on ones mood, productivity, and overall health. Sunlight causes the brain to release serotonin, this lovely thing that is believed to be associated with making people feel calm, in a good mood, and focused. All the things we want, right? Right! So when you can, open up those curtains and blinds and let that light in, baby!! You’ll probalby find yourself picking up a project, cleaning, or doing something productive.

However, natural light isn’t always an option. We all know by now that LEDs are the way to go.. they save energy, they last longer, and are overall a better investment for your home. But did you know the amount of energy they use compared to incandescent bulbs? LEDs use 91% of energy towards light, while incandescent, use only 2% of energy towards light. Fluorescent lights use somewhere around 4% for light, and halogens are using around 3%. That’s a huge difference, considering if you think of a large home that uses all incandescent bulbs vs. LEDs. CRAZY.

But can LEDs be used for every light in your home? The answer is yes, however getting the LED with the right colour temperature will be very important. Colour temperature is measured on the Kelvin scale, represented by a “K” at end of a 4 digit number. For example your average incandescent bulb is 2500K, and gives off that warm colour we love to have in lamps. Bulbs with a higher number will have a cooler, whiter colour, and daylight is measured at about 5000K.  However, LED tends to run slightly cooler in colour! AGH, I know… it gets a little complicated.  A 2500K LED will be whiter in colour than a 2500K incandescent. People have found that using a 2200K LED for lamps and wall sconces gives off that nice warm colour.  In the kitchens, bathrooms, and areas needed to perform “tasks” usually require 3500K-4000K.

You know what is really cool as well? Even the super trendy Edison bulb that you are see on basically any patio can be LED!! Of course these are going to be more expensive, but definitely worth it.  We no longer have to compromise style for efficiency. Phew… because more often than not – style will win. With that being said, lighting does not have to be boring!!! There are so many different options out there, light fixtures are basically becoming functional art pieces. So what ever your style is, rest assured there is an abundance of fixtures that will fit your home perfectly!!

So lets take a look at just SOME of the different types of fixtures out there!!

Happy Sunday everyone, and get outside today and soak in that lovely sunlight and improve your mood!! Thanks for reading!!

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