A Few Office Decorating Tips..

SO.. Long time, no talk! My bad. I had some really great weekends, the sun was shining and I just could not pull myself out of it.  Anyway, like some of you may know, I work for a cabinet company during the day as a drafter. I love my job, like “love-love”, but since I’ve been there I’ve been a desk drifter.. going from desk to desk, carrying my office supplies around in a box. Sometimes people didn’t know where to find me! I started to feel a bit like Milton from “Office Space”, but luckily no one was asking me to come in on Saturdays or taking my stapler. Phew. However, I didn’t mind because my department was growing, and we were drafting plans for new desks, and picking out materials.  There was hope for me yet!

On Friday we finally got all settled, phones hooked up, our own printer, so now I have my own permanent desk!! Well now comes the fun part, where I can bring in my personal items to make it my own space.  Question – how many pictures of your dog can you bring in with out looking like a total weirdo?  What does this mean for this weeks blog? You got it!! Awesome tips for your office space, and glorious inspiration photos to kick you office cubicle from bummer to stunner... Whether you are setting up an at home office, or trying to spruce up that office cubicle.. it’s all totally possible..

First up..


I feel like the key to having an awesome desk (and being an awesome worker) is having your shit organized. From pens and office supplies, to files and folders, and your own schedule. There is no way I can have my head on straight if there is paper scattered all over my desk.  If you caught my previous post “how to plan your day like the boss you are”, you’ll remember how much I love my day planner from Ban.co. IF you missed it, check it out here.  Everything should have a spot at your desk that should be easy to access, and easy to keep organized. Also try to eliminate doubles of things. Like seriously, do you need 14 blue pens? Nope. Stick to one or two, you won’t lose it, and you will know exactly who jacked it from your desk. Keep paperclips and small items in little containers to keep them from being scattered throughout your drawer. Nothing like a push pin in your thumb while rummaging around looking for a bobby pin.

Use file folders, and binder clips. I can not stand when I have a pile of papers and the all get stuck together because of paper clips. It’s annoying, but thats just me. Have an area of your desk with an system for things that need to be done, and things that are complete, or whatever categories work for your….work.  Having this area planned out and kept organized will save you from tearing your office apart when that one file went missing, (I’ll give you a hint, check by the coffee maker..) Keep books and magazines up right by using book ends, or magazine holders. A tidy work space is an efficient work space.


Obviously!! Plants are the best way to spruce up a drab looking office, or really any space. It’s so awesome to have something that is living in your space, and since having your dog sit on your desk is frowned upon, plants are your next best bet. Although, when it comes to finding the best plant for an office things can get a little tricky, since you may not have the best sunlight (if you are lucky enough to have sunlight). Click here  for some plants that might work out for you.. if your like me and don’t get that glorious day light.


A perfect way to set the tone for your space.  Whether its your favourite abstract painting, or a great landscape photo you took on your last Hawaii trip – do it some justice by framing or hanging them! Frame your photos and art in the same (or similar) frames to keep a neat and tidy atmosphere, and hang them if you can. If you can’t, leaning them up against a wall will also look great. OR for an interesting look, try having a framed picture sitting on top of a stack of books or objects (preferably something you don’t use) at different heights and THEN lean it on the wall.  Or get creative and bring in an item to hang photos from. Maybe with those teeny, tiny, adorable clothes pins you can find at Michaels.  Either way, try to have your photos fit into some sort of “theme”. Think “black and white” or “polaroids”. Just keep it tidy.. and PROFESSIONAL!!

Can’t decide on a theme, or want to keep it minimalistic? Go for a clever or inspirational quote. Or check out some awesome print outs from Salt and Printer that are minimal but still say a lot.  Good luck deciding on one, download the print and get them printed at your leisure! No waiting for that post man!!

Check out these excellent office ideas, and inspo! Plus, there’s also so many adorable office supplies out there, that might have to be its very own blog post subject! Let me know if you’d be down for that!

Ta ta for now! I gotta go get some items to decorate MY desk!

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