The Courtyard House

I think I’m craving some natural sunlight, it’s been super rainy and cloudy here for what seems like a month… so maybe that’s why I’ve picked this little number to be my mid week feature.

Check out the “Court Yard House”.

courtyard house 2

Designed by De Rosee Sa Architects, and located in London, U.K.

The client actually bought the land to prevent over development, and the architects saw the potential of the once abandoned garage. Planning restrictions stipulated that any form must match the outline of the buildings existing profile.

courtyard house 8courtyard house 7courtyard house 6

The clients wanted 2 bedrooms, so the architects created a basement.

The main level is divided into living room, kitchen and master bedroom with an ensuite. The basement level has the second bedroom along with it’s own bathroom and courtyard.

courtyard house 9

courtyard house 15

courtyard house 11

The garage was previously a timber storage yard, so to keep some of the history – the court yard is cladded with Western Red Cedar. The cladding also carries on into the interior as well, warming up the study, the water closet and the utility room.

courtyard house 14court yard house 17courtyard house 16

I love how this house opens up and the lines between outdoor space and the interiors is completely blurred. The lines of the herringbone floor pair perfectly with the angles of the ceiling. The crisp white along with the warm cedar really make the architectural lines pop. The amount of natural light is incredible. I find it interesting that part of the main level has a couple courtyards, as well as looks down on to the basements courtyard. I also love this house because the client and the architects saw the potential in the abandoned building, and decided it was worth jumping through the many permits and restrictions to make it their home.

courtyard house 18

Thanks for reading guys! Does this home inspire you? Let me know!

Have a good week!

  • Darcy Alexa

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