Minimal Christmas Decor

Well here we are, the beginning of December. I’ve got one question – where the hell did this year go? I could go on about the summer and the long days that I miss, but blah blah blah, we all know that. Am I right? Of course I am.

Even though I obviously miss those days, I am rather excited for the holiday season. Which is rare. Maybe I’m getting old and sentimental, or maybe I just need a few more days off to give myself the right dosage of coffee and baileys. Either way… I’m excited to start decorating my home, and to find the perfect “Charlie Brown” tree.

Maybe you’re like me and like a minimal look, or maybe you are just so damn busy you don’t have the time to decorate every bit of you home. If so, scroll on to find the perfect decor to go with your rum and eggnog, and so simple you can make that rum and eggnog a double.



Christmas trees don’t have to be completely full of decorations. Leave some empty space (and save yourself some time) on your tree to make those special ornaments stand out.

christmas 1 - chic deco
saved from chic deco
christmas 1 - kristina lynne
saved from kristina lynne
christmas 1 - kim lucian
photo credit kim lucian


You know that stupid rule that some apartments have.. “no live christmas trees”, well you can tell them to kick rocks with this idea. OR even just keep something living in your home for a little longer without having to remember to water the tree.

christmas 1 - passion shake
saved from passion shake
christmas 1 - at home in love
saved from at home in love


If you have a bare wall… I love this idea of hanging a branch with some ornaments on it. Or go collect some pine cones on your next walk and string them together for a cute woodsy look.

christmas 1 - house and garden magazine uk
saved from house and garden magazine uk
christmas 1 - elledecor
saved from elledecor
christmas 1 - domino
saved from domino


Who says wreaths have to be bulky and take up tons of space, or even be round for that matter!!!

christmas 1 - live it beautiful
saved from live it beautiful
christmas 1 - the merry thought
saved from the merry thought
christmas 1 - blog lovin
saved from blog lovin’


Try sprucing up your candles by adding a bit of greenery for a pop of colour and a beautiful contrast. These would also look great with red or gold candles!

christmas 1 - musing on momentum
saved from musing on momentum

christmas 1 - apartment therapy

christmas 1 - brit morin 2
saved from brit morin


I don’t know about you but this has left me with some seriously good ideas to get my house looking festive!! Thanks for reading guys!

What’s your favourite holiday decoration?!

-Darcy Alexa


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