The Back Country House

That’s right guys… this means its Wednesday, so we are halfway done the week! I’m excited for this weekend ’cause I’ve got a little project to tackle, that I might end up sharing with you guys (fingers crossed it turns out alright)!!

But for today’s feature I’ve found an excellent little home that is perfect for winding down, logging off, and reconnecting with nature. Interested? Of course you are. This home is located in Puhoi, just south of Auckland, New Zealand and it was designed by David Maurice from LTD Architectural. 1

This structure is focused on simplicity. It is cladded with locally sourced macrocarpa, which is a low to medium density softwood. The home uses passive heating and ventilation as well as high performance insulation which make it low impact.

The main floor focuses on open and shared spaces for living and cooking. The living room completely opens up on 2 sides to extend the living area out into nature. The deck has a beautiful fire place.. and get this – 2 sunken bathtubs that can be hidden with a table.

LTD-Arch 14LTD-Arch 02LTD-Arch 03LTD-Arch 05LTD-Arch 04

I don’t know if I would ever get out of that tub if that was my view, and I had someone to bring me wine and snacks.. 

The kitchen is modern and bright with white gloss cabinets, with a bit of wood open shelving to warm it up and give it some interest. Slab style cabinet doors can make clean up so simple, with out all those little nooks to clean you can focus on what is important – drinking wine in that bathtub.

LTD-Arch 10LTD-Arch 11LTD-Arch 12

I love how the stairs are a structural statement piece. The contrast of white lines and adding lighting to the bottom of the stairs, makes that macrocarpa wall look stunning. As well as adding storage to the sides of the stairs make these super practical – and keeps the open living space looking clutter free.

LTD-Arch 16

Upstairs doesn’t lack in style and simplicity either. Big windows, open concept and gorgeous skylights keep this house consistent from top to bottom.

LTD-Arch 20LTD-Arch 07LTD-Arch 08LTD-Arch 19LTD-Arch 18LTD-Arch 17

There’s a lot of elements that I LOVE about this home. What is your favourite part? Could you see yourself living here? Let me know!

Thanks for checkin’ this out!

-Darcy Alexa

LTD-Arch 21

all photos saved from LTD Architectural

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