6 Ways to Style Under Your Stairs

This part of you home can be tricky to figure out. We all know that Harry Potter had his itty bitty room under the stairs, and we all felt horrible for the guy. But you don’t have to live your life like that! Although, being a wizard would be super awesome, and maybe some time spent under the stairs could possibly be worth it if meant I could have my own owl.. just saying.

Anyway here’s a few ideas for you to get those gears turning if you have this spot that you just aren’t quite sure what to do with!!

A Desk / Home Office

Utilize this space with an office and free up that extra bedroom for something else!!

under stairs - anu reinson
saved from anu reinson
under stairs - buzzfeed
saved from buzzfeed
under stairs - ikea
saved from ikea



Having some extra storage for shoes or coats would be super helpful… wouldn’t it? Or add some cabinets and floating shelves for a more polished look.

under stairs - apartment 34
saved from apartment 34
under stairs - home decoratings
saved from home decoratings

under stairs - pinterest

under stairs - decorenvy
saved from decor envy

(I’m totally loving this bike storage, how clever!!!)


Style It Up

Add a spin on the classic gallery wall by putting it under the stairs to give it some interesting angles, or just having a chair with a statement piece to give that spot some serious style.

under stairs - charlize watches
saved from charlize watches
under stairs - tumblr
saved from pinterest


Indoor Garden 

Maybe not the most practical use of space.. but dang! It looks good. There’s some serious plant lovers… and hoarders out there that could really use this…

under stairs - homify
saved from homify
under stairs - casa e jardim
saved from casa e jardim


A Lounge Area

A perfect spot to curl up with a cup of tea and a good book.

under stairs - home beautiful
saved from home beautiful
under stairs - domino
saved from domino

under stairs - decorenvy 2

Okay, the swing might not be the best idea.. but imagine a hammock or a hanging chair. Can you say perfection?


For The Pets

How adorable is this?! Give Fido his own room.. hopefully it doesn’t come with an owl and wizard powers..

under stairs - trend crafts
saved from trend crafts

Actually.. that would be pretty sweet if your dog had an owl.


Do you have a spot like this in your home? What did you do with it? Let me know your solutions!

Thanks for reading, as always.. have a great week!!

-Darcy Alexa



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