Front Entrance Fiasco

We’ve all had guest from out of town come to visit, and you would be lying if you said you didn’t run around your house with around with a vacuum and cleaning spray like a crazy person. Great! Your house is spick and span, and ready for your guest to enjoy. BUT when they walk through the front door, how does your house great them? Is your front entrance lacking in style, or organization? Is it over flowing with jackets and shoes… dog leashes and hats? Fear not mon amie, I’m coming at ya with some inspiration and tips to get your front entrance looking fab BEFORE the holiday season. ‘Cuz we all know how hectic this time of year is about to get….

I am a firm believer that an entry should have a place to park it.  A bench, chair, or a stool is such a practical item to have here. Sometimes those fabuloulsy impractical shoes can take a hot minute to get on, plus this will provide an awesome spot while your S.O (im)patiently waits for you to get out the door. A bench can also serve 2 purposes by neatly keeping items underneath it.

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You’re going to need some type of table or even a buffet a cabinet. Somewhere you can toss your keys after a long day. Sometimes I swear I just drop everything on the floor and nearly do a face plant. But that’s not what we want to do, and broken noses ain’t cute. When space is a bit of an issue, try a narrow table, or a floating shelf. But it also acts as a base for your decorating and the bones of your front entry.

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Now what to put on this shelf or table… I think a stylish bowl or dish for your keys is the first thing!! Flowers are always nice in the spring for that fresh welcoming vibe, but in these colder months try a scented candle and a little fall decor to warm it up! You don’t want this to be another surface for things to get crowded and all unorganized, so work on keeping this just for keys and as a place to put things that you’ll need to grab before running out the door. Example – lunch, forgetting your lunch is the worst! Hungry people aren’t happy people, I think we can all agree on that statement.

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To keep all of your belongings organized – remove the items that don’t really need to be at the front door. Keep this area only for items that you are using for the current season. Baskets are a great stylish option for scarves and mitts! Baskets are also great for dog leashes, poody bags, and coats. If you are living in a climate where you need an umbrella year round (like I do) get a cute bucket or large floor vase to keep umbrellas upright and out of the way.


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Another necessity is a mirror. Save your future self from embarrassment by doing that  last check to make sure you don’t have a poppy seed in your teeth, or that dreaded lipstick on your tooth. CRINGE!!! I am also a firm believer in telling people when they have sh*t in their teeth.. it might be super embarrassing at the moment. But it’s MUCH better than going through a super important meeting and having spinach on your tooth, and now you look like a pirate. Hopefully they remember your name and don’t just call you pirate girl behind your back. OH THE HUMANITY.


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Another great idea is hooks.. but hooks don’t have to be boring. Mount them on a piece of wood, or have a shelf above. Think outside the box of the “normal hook”.  Like these awesome antler hooks, and old clamps. This could be a great weekend DIY project!!


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Some extra tips…

Look up!! If you have the vertical space to use… use it! Put a shelf at a higher level with baskets for the stuff you don’t use every day. OR use that spot to reflect your homes style with art!

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Well that’s it for today guys!! Thanks for reading, I hope you all have a great week!!

-Darcy Alexa









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