Feature Home – Cabin in Norway

I can’t believe it’s already time for another feature home!! This time I found just a small cabin that is big in design features.. just wait and see!!

This cabin in located in Sandefjord, Norway, nestled right in between the rocks that surround it.

feature home 2 - beautifullife.info
saved from beautiful life

Designed by the architectural firm Lund Hagem.

The cabin is ALLLL about the views and the serenity. Walls are made of glass as not to disturb the views of the water from the front side, and the nature that surrounds it.

feature home 2
saved from beautiful life

The roof appears to be gracefully perched on top, as if almost floating right above the rocks.

Inside is a suspended bed, a fireplace, and a concrete bench that extends from the interior to the exterior. The hallway that leads to the bathroom is glass as well. The ceiling is woven strips of oak which provide great acoustics.

saved from beautiful life

feature home 2 - norway2feature home 2 - norway3

I love the simplicity of this little getaway spot! If you guys follow me on Instagram you may have noticed that I have a thing for stairs. Well!! I’m loving these simple stairs that have nothing underneath them, just a couple thin pieces of round bar for support. The use of the wood warms up the amount of concrete, and the ceiling brings in some interest as well as repetition. I also really like how modern furniture designs have been used, but chosen in warm brown tones.

What a great little spot to get away for the day! To read a good book, listen to music and just relax. However.. don’t forget to bring some snacks…and maybe a BBQ.



Thanks for reading guys!

P.S- How much is a flight to Norway..?!?

-Darcy Alexa

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