Pre-fab(ulous) Homes

Online shopping. Isn’t it the best? You just click and add items into your cart.. most likely while you’re in your pajamas, glass of wine in hand. Then – the wait. When your items finally arrive it’s like Christmas! You run to the mail box, rip the packaging open, throw it on the floor and inspect the new goods. What’s even better is that you can buy nearly everything online.

These days we can buy prefabricated homes that are delivered to site all in a few months.

There’s a couple different ways to go about buying a prefab home. What’s great is that theses ways are different enough that you won’t be confused on which one is right for you if you know how much work you’re willing to put in, and how much time you have!

  • A panelized home consists of pre engineered wall sections all the walls are fabricated in a controlled factory. Usually with the intent that the company whom makes the panels will be installing them on site.
  • Modular home, is a home built with all the fixtures, finishes and plumbing complete – and then delivered to site to have parts attached, and hooked up. This usually has the homeowner moving in in the shortest time.

    Pre-cut homes are like a log cabin or dome homes. All of the parts are fabricated in a factory and then shipped to site. The kit comes with detailed instructions and loose materials for the home owner to put together, however some pre-cut homes are panelized. Pre cut homes usually take the longest on site – and if the idea of putting a home together yourself scares the bajezus out of you.. you can hire a general contractor to do it for you.

What is really awesome about purchasing a prefabricated home is that they can cut down on cost because they are built in a controlled environment.  You won’t lose construction days because there is a freak snow or wind storm, or materials won’t be ruined being out and exposed to the elements. There is less waste because the system is so finely tuned and factories are more likely to reuse and recycle any waste. Instead of hiring a bunch of subcontractors you are hiring and dealing with ONE company. Which also allows them to schedule and keep on track.

The design side of prefabricated home is pretty awesome as well. Most companies have floor plans you can choose from. You can also alter their original floor plans to a lay out that will better suite your needs, or if you already have a designed floor plan from a designer or an architect – they can use that too.


It’s important to understand FULLY what you are getting when you decide to go with a prefabricated home. Things to consider are

  • Foundation – is that cost included? Or is the homeowner responsible?
  • Building Permits – is a prefabricated home allowed in your municipality?  Is the homeowner responsible for applying for the permit?
  • Site surveys and soil tests


I think that if you are considering buying a home – this is definitely an idea you should look into!!

Check out some of these interesting homes to get your gears turning…


prefab - curbed
saved from Curbed
prefab - curbed -homb kipp
saved from curbed


prefab -
saved from homify
prefab home - small house style
saved from small house style
prefab homes - feed inspiration
saved from feed inspiration
prefab homes - feedinspiration
saved from feed inspiration


Thanks for reading guys!!

-Darcy Alexa

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