Mid Week Feature – Swanwick Ranch

So, I’ve been wanting to post more often but feeling like I was lacking the time to do my normal size post. Sometimes even when I try to write short and sweet posts, my brain rambles on, kind of like right meow.  I was worried I didn’t have enough time with working full time, trying to squeeze in a work out so my ass doesn’t look like the bag of “Smart Food” I just devoured, doing all those grown up things like groceries and appointments, being a dog mom, all while still trying to have fun. Oh. And wash my hair too. How do some of these women do it?

While I was laying in bed the other evening – an idea popped in to my head.  Hopefully you want to hear from me more often, if not, tooooo bad. ‘Cuz I like this idea. So here we go!

The Mid Week Feature!

Check out this amazing home…

feature home - swanwick - marko sismic 2

“Swanwick Ranch”

This gorgeous one of a kind home is in Metchosin, British Columbia, Canada (I just had to start this off by showing some Vancouver Island love).

feature homes - swanwick

freature home - swanwick - marko sismic


  • It was designed by Marko Sismic, an architect in Vancouver, BC.
  • Estimated at $17.5 million
  • Received the National Canadian Architect Award in 2007.
  • On 64 acre property that includes professional size tennis court, pool, guest house, caretaker house, a boathouse, and a work shop to work on cars.



feature home - swanwick 5

feature home - swanwick - 3

feature home - swanwick

feature home - swanwick 4


Don’t know why I love it? Good grief!! Take another look… I’ll wait..

Okay – I’m obsessed with the lines of this house. They are clean and crisp, yet – windows are staggered and random without looking cluttered.  The way the floor to ceiling window in the living room is divided from the door with by wood framing almost makes the door disappear.

You went back to look didn’t you? Good, it deserves another look.

I also love how the lofted rooms are framed in glass for a total light, airy, modern home – while using concrete at a large scale. Oh.. and to top it off.. there’s a constant moving stream that helps with the heating and cooling of the house with the energy it creates.

Pretty awesome, right?

How many stars would you give this home? Leave a comment with your rating.. let’s say it’s out of 10, let me know what you think!!

Thanks for reading,

-Darcy Alexa

(all photos from homedsng.com)

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