Fill Up Your Fireplace

It’s happening. The cold weather is sinking in.. the mornings are dark, and the days are short. Ya ya ya… I know this isn’t new news. For some reason every year I’m all like “whaaaaat, why so dark right now?” Anyway, this inevitable comes with the cozy comfy vibes. Time to turn on the fireplace…

Oh wait. The fireplace doesn’t work anymore/ has been gutted and now is just an empty lifeless void. So sad.

So what do you do with that space? Candles are always the first thought… but depending on the size of the fireplace you may need more than just a few candles. Here’s some different ideas so you can fill that void in your life, and bring your sad fireplace back from the dead!

DIY A Facade

Feeling crafty? Measure out your fireplace void and get a piece of MDF, plywood, or a type of ridged board of your choice to cut out the sizing. Paint it black. Cut up pieces of wood. You could buy those packs of firewood they sell at the gas station…if you don’t have a forest in your backyard. The thickness doesn’t have to be consistent!! Arrange and glue! BOOM! You’ve got a stack of firewood.. that is so sneaky you can store stuff behind it.

For a super cozy look… add little led lights around it..

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fireplace - pinterest
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Stack It 

Okay okay… not all of us are DIY wizards. Maybe you always end up sitting in glue, or giving up half way, or nearly burning the house down. In this case maybe it’s a good thing your fireplace DOESN’T work. For you and your kind, try stacking wood logs in a basket instead.  Add some pine cones, maybe some greenery, some lights… hell throw some fallen leaves around the basket and voila. Fall in your fireplace.

Oh, don’t like… fall into your fireplace. I mean – autumn, you now have autumn in your fireplace.

fireplace - wayfair
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fireplace - nesting place
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Well you’ve made it this far in life so most likely you have an odd collection of things. It’s time to show your friends and family the true you. Proudly show off your collection in that empty space!!

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fireplace - midwest living
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The frame of the fireplace can make an excellent frame for some art, or a sculpture..

fireplace - apartment therapy 2
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(Finally…. a space for that disco ball you’ve moving around from place to place!!)

Add a couple shelves and your book collection to create a unique bookshelf!

fireplace - ikea
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Or just stack them in there..

fireplace - apartment therapy
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fireplace - good housekeeping
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Keepin’ It Classic 

Candles are great, don’t get me wrong! They definitely add warmth to the room and look stunning in there.  However, if you’re struggling with the candle look here’s a few tips.

  • Use an odd amount like 5 or 7
  • Use candles that are different heights, and put them on objects to give them more height
  • Play with the depth and creating layers
fireplace - target
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fireplace - louisiana lagniappe
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Classic With A Twist

You fireplace isn’t like the other fireplaces you’ve been with.. show it its special by

  • Adding a mirror behind candles them for a fuller look
  • Place candles inside of lanterns or glass vases
  • Drill holes into logs for tea lights and candles to sit in

fireplace - casatv

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Seasonal Switch Up

This is a great place to switch up your decor. It’s easily accessible, won’t leave holes in the walls, and won’t break the bank to keep changing it as the seasons change. All things the fickle decorators like.

fireplace - good housekeeping 2
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fireplace - sarah tucker
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fireplace - decorating your small space
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I think the most important thing is to have fun with this space. Play with the depth and the height by adding layers to your masterpiece. Practice will make perfect!

Thanks for reading guys!! Tell me what your favourite idea is in the comments.. or maybe you have some other ideas!

-Darcy Alexa


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