How To Paint A Whole House In 2 Days

So if you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed that I’m painting my interior walls. We decided that we just wanted something fresh and simple, something that can let our art work do all the talking.

We decided on white for the majority of the house, and grey owl for our kitchen and bathroom.

Painting is never a small job. You start with such high hopes, drive and determination. However, if you’ve ever painted your ENTIRE home, you will know that all of these things diminish after about 20 mins in…..

So! I’ve put together a few tips to help you get through it with ease!

1. Find a cheap paint.

Okay, so you’re painting your whole house, you should probably look for a paint that is a little transparent so that you can do about 3 coats on every wall. That’s the best!! I promise you will be so happy that you saved about $8.

2. Use painters tape.

Sometimes I like to think that I don’t need this, but after a few hours I finally cave. Use painters tape to tape your eyelids open. You don’t need sleep, fool. Using painters tape will ensure you still have skin when you take the tape off.

(You get that these tips aren’t real and I’m being sarcastic and sassy, right…)

3. Move all of your furniture.

Then your walls are all exposed, all of your belongings are in weird places and you won’t be able to find anything. Even if you just had it in your hand a second ago. You know the saying “messy house, messy brain”. That’s fun to deal with. OH! An added bonus is you will most likely stub your toe on every damn thing. This will make you in a great mood and super productive.

4.  Go to work with left over paint on you.

Bonus points if it’s in your hair. You fellow coworkers will think you’re productive and on top of everything. No way will people doubt your focus for the day (or your hygiene) if they see paint in your hair. They will be all like “this chick coool.. she paints her own house, she’s so real and down to earth”.

5. Eat gas station food.

It’s so quick and easy to open a bag of chips and wash it down with a Red Bull. You’ll have so much energy from all the processed food and sugar. Best part is no dishes, and gut rot. Win win.

6. Ask your friends for help.

Who would love to give up their whole weekend and paint a house that isn’t theirs?!? Your friends will be so thankful that you’ve chosen them. When they arrive make sure their isn’t enough supplies for everyone to paint at the same time. Also DO NOT SUPPLY pizza and beer. Nobody wants to eat that after they put in a long day of work. Total waste of money.

7. Listen to soothing music.

Put on a soundtrack of nature. Nothing will make you feel like one with your paint brush than the sound of whales. Don’t worry – if it makes you feel sleepy,  you have painters tape on your eyelids. Move slowly. Painting is soothing – drag it out as long as possible.

Well, I hope you found these helpful. Maybe just do the exact opposite and you should be good.  Now that my house is finally painted (it actually took me about 2 full days and 3 days after work) it’s time to move on to transforming my garage…

Thanks for reading guys!! Have an awesome, productive week!!!

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