Inspired By Your Surroundings

When I was in school, a few things stuck with me that teachers would say. I mean.. you would hope that everything would stick in my brain because I just spent a damn fortune (and hell yeah I learned a lot) but I don’t think about all of those things on a day  to day basis.  One thing I do think of that my teacher Michelle said was “look to nature for inspiration. Nature never gets it wrong.”

Bah! Even as I just typed that out, my heart swells and seriously skips a beat.  I promise I’m not crazy – or crazy emotional. Think about it.

There are aspects of design that people try to use to obtain a certain look or feeling. Contrast. Repetition. Balance. Harmony. Shape. But the best designer for these aspects is nature. Hands down.

From the repetitive lines on a clam shell or mushroom cap, to the contrasting colours of a flower, to the complimentary of an animals eyes, and even the harmony between ecosystems…These aspects are simply beautiful, and always on point.

Have you’ve ever looked a flower and said “what an ugly colour combination!” Nope. That’s right, no one has ever said that, and if you have – YOU are the crazy one my friend. Actually wait – I don’t think we can be friends. Nope. #sorry #notsorry

Inspiration for design is constantly all around us. You just have to tune in and look at the finer detail in what surrounds you every single day. So instead of “stopping to smell the roses” how about “stop and stare at the spider webs”. Let’s start now.



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Milwaukee Cityscapes And City Views
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Well thanks for reading guys!! I hope this has inspired you to take a harder look at your surroundings, and find inspiration in what surrounds you every day, because it truly is a beautiful world we live in.

Have a good week!

Darcy Alexa


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