7 Easy Peasy Rental “Yes Pleasies”

You know what is crazy right now?

The housing market.  It’s actually quite insane, homes are going for 200k over asking price without having the buyer even look at them! Whaaaaaaat!?!?!  Now I’ve got all these questions as a renter.. “How will I get in the market?” “Will I ever own a house?” and my daily favourite… “what the?!?!”.

Luckily I’ve got a few answers.. not to these questions. But answers for my fellow renters trying to make the most out of their rental.. ‘cuz hey! It’s  your home, and you gotta love it!

So here we go… 7 renter friendly upgrades to make your rental house, your home.


So simple.  Rugs can make a room feel way cozier in those winter months. Even rugs in the kitchen are becoming really popular.  Just make sure you can clean it easily.  Rugs are obviously super easy to install… and super easy to roll up and take it with you when go. The hardest part will be trying to pick one out. If you can’t decide on one.. try layering!

Vinyl Tile Stickers.

Okay, theses ones are a little new to me but. Man alive. These could be a total game changer!! Perfect for hiding some seriously hideous tile. You can put these durable bad boys on top of existing tile, linoleum, vinyl, laminate.. the list goes on. Sadly waxed surfaces, or really rough, textured surfaces won’t work for this application. Just be warned that these aren’t exactly cheap. But stay tuned.. cause I think I just found my next purchase and DIY..

saved from etsy


Typically with rentals, landlords throw in some quick, bland, BORING as shit, curtains, that are normally hung too low, and hang too high above the floor. Good grief. It’s a crappy curtain catastrophe. But luckily (for you and your landlord) you can hang stylish curtains without drilling holes. How you ask? Well you can either use a tension rod or hang the rod up by using Command hooks. Hang curtains as high as you can, and as wide as you can, and drape your curtains down to the floor. This will make the ceiling look higher and your wall looking fab! If you have baseboard heaters below your window.. hang the curtains a 1″ above the floor and 3″ out from the heater. Problem. Solved.

saved from homestolove.com.au
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Gallery Walls.

This is not a new idea, by any means. However, you can use it not only in a fashionable way.. but to hide those oddly placed light switches or the electrical panel that is right smack dab in the middle of the living room. Don’t think your landlord will be stoked on all the holes in the wall… pick up some extra Command hooks while your grabbing some for you curtains.

saved from hgtv.com
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Washi Tape.

Don’t have the budget for that glorious printed wallpaper? Or maybe you just doubt you skills in installing it yourself? Hey.. no worries, I’m not sure I would trust myself to hang a large print wallpaper. It’s possible I would fall off a ladder, or somehow trip over paper. I would be lying if I said that’s never happened before. ANYWAY, if you feel like this is also you’re deal, check out Washi tape. You can buy it online or at Michaels craft store, and it can be as cheap as $5 a roll. It’s similar to masking tape, but is much stronger and comes in awesome designs and colours. Need some inspo? Scroll down…

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saved from deavita.fr


Just because your place comes with cheap boring light fixtures, doesn’t mean you need to live like that!! Take those ugly bastards down and put up something that you totally love. This will transform your place from top to bottom, and have it looking like a place you can call home.  If you’re going to call this “home” it should have a shower that is worthy. Replace the crappy shower faucet with something that will actually do the job right without you having to stand 1/2″ underneath it.. or even worse.. gather the water in your hands and dump it on top of yourself. You’re better than that.  Just don’t forget to take them with you when you leave!!


Some rentals can have a kitchen that is quickly slapped together with little thought of how the person who lives there is going to store ANYTHING. Talk about a nightmare. Add some tray dividers and  cutlery dividers into your cabinets. Or free up some cabinet space by hanging your pots and pans from a rod with hooks.. just make sure you give them a gooooood scrubbin’ first! Or try this awesome peg board idea.. if ya got a random wall that basically renders itself useless.


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I hope some of these ideas have helped you with making your rental house a home. Thanks for reading guys! Have a great day!!



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