Rock your Airbnb

Hello! Is it just me or is this summer going by super quick? I can’t believe that people are already talking about back to school, and pumpkin spice lattes already. I want zero part of that. I feel like this summer has just begun! With that being said maybe (hopefully) you can squeeze in one more vacay before September hits, maybe even get away for Labour Day weekend… intrigued? Thought so.

Vacations can be great, but can be tough on the wallet… soo many tacos. Why not make a few bucks while you’re away with Airbnb, and get your home rocking by reading on. So get ready to fill your sombrero up to the brim with margaritas..


How To Decorate

I think the best way to start is to figure out why someone would want to stay at your home above all others.  If you live by the ocean or a lake you maybe can pull off an excellent beach vibe by adding a few nautical pieces and some white linens and striped pillows.  Perhaps your home is near a forest and with a few rustic wood pieces and flannel blankets you can create a cozy cabin get away. Maybe your home is downtown in the middle all the hustle and bustle, finding a few vintage pieces to mix with some modern style to obtain a eclectic funky dig that will attract the type who would can’t get enough. Either way… hone into what your home vibe is and totally rock it with a few statement pieces.

Keeping it simple and decluttered will not only make your photos look outstanding, but much easier to clean after your guest leaves.  Be sure to have great ambient lighting, warm lighting keeps things relaxed and cozy. Decorate with interesting art, keep blankets near the sofa with comfy pillows. Have interesting books to read, games to play, and maybe even a collection of records.

Keep the styling consistent throughout the house, and keep it true to your style. This is your house after all, with a little creativity you can find a great balance.

airbnb josh tree3
Saved from Airbnb – Joshua Tree, CA
airbnb josh tree2
Saved from Airbnb – Joshua Tree, CA
airbnb josh tree4
Saved from Airbnb – Joshua Tree, CA



When it all comes down to it, people want a clean place to stay. Whether you hire someone to clean your place, or do it yourself – make sure it is tip top. When you are just starting out you can’t afford to have a bad review because the garbage wasn’t taken out or there were cob webs on the ceiling.

Make sure the linens are clean, towels are clean and ready (with extra quantities) and have a laundry hamper for dirty towels.

Keep your kitchen organized. Utensil organizers and some tray dividers can go a long way when trying to cook a meal in a new kitchen. Plus have some awesome condiments in your fridge.. like hot sauce. Always keep the hot sauce handy.

airbnb vancouver
Saved from Airbnb – Vancouver, BC

airbnb vancouver2


Local Treats

Who doesn’t love the mint on their pillow when they stay at a hotel? Use this cute little idea to thank your guest for choosing your home. Choose a gift that supports a local business to give your guest a little extra taste of your city.

  • A bottle wine/ beer
  • Chocolates or treats
  • Cheese Platter
  • Oil and Vinegar
  • Handmade soaps


Excellent Extras

Collect pamphlets, menus, and maps from around town and leave them out for your guests to go through.  Keep a guest book where your previous guests can tell their favourite activities, and where their favourite places to visit were. Store a basket full of travel sized toiletries in the bathroom. We all know how lame it is to go to brush your teeth after a long day to realize your forgetful ass left it at home.

airbnb josh tree
Saved from Airbnb – Joshua Tree, CA
airbnb josh tree5
Saved from Airbnb – Joshua Tree, CA


Well, looks like I should be planning a trip to Joshua Tree, I’m clearly obsessed with this house..

Where’s your favourite place to vacation?!

Thanks for reading!

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