Bathroom Bliss

Sunday! Woowoo!! A day for rest – or a day to get some shit done, either way you play it I find it super important to take a little extra time for yourself on Sundays. Whether it’s having coffee in bed before you hustle, or reading in the bath before bed time. I believe that taking the time can totally set your mind in the right direction for the week, so you can totally kill it!!

I love having a nice hot shower Sunday evening, exfoliate everything, get all squeeky clean and super soft. Who doesn’t love that, am I right?! Although, it is almost damn near impossible to relax when my bathroom is… well… icky.  Let’s be honest, sometimes the weekend gets away from us and all the chores don’t get done. Toiletries get piled up on the counter, towels get crinkled, and the floor has seen better days.

But heres some tips and ideas to keep your bathroom looking tidy all week long!!


This can be a hard one, but once it’s done it feels amazing. It’s so hard not to hold on to the products that we used once and think we will use again. But come on… will you actually? Stop lying to yourself and throw the cream that smells like an 80 year olds perfume away. You won’t use it. Promise.

Come Up With a Scheme

Nothing looks better that bright white in a bathroom, it’s just so damn dreamy! Stick with neutral colours and then add in your accent colour.  This will make your bathroom not look super busy and crowded. Also try to be consistent with your fixture materials. Love the matte black look? Do it up all over there!

kristina lynne .com
saved from


Now that you’ve decluttered.. look at all the extra room!!! Oooo – ahhhh! Do a little victory lap in your bathroom, good job girl! Now, lets think about the stuff that you use every day that isn’t the prettiest to look at, ( I automatically think about my blow dryer and straightener). I need these things to be accessible, but looking at cords.. Gross. Hate it. Don’t wanna. Baskets are great in the bathroom for storage, they look great, they are super handy and you can put anything in them! Put your baskets on open shelves or even try hanging them from your wall. Utilize your vanity cabinet and add some hooks to the inside of the door and hang your blow dryer. If you have some products that you use every day that you would like to have out… think if they can be transferred into a “prettier package”, you can then have a few products out and ready for use without the mixed matched labels screwing up your scheme.

saved from

** I’m actually getting so excited to declutter my bathroom**


Floating shelves are perfect for displaying a framed photo, a candle, and even a plant. Keep it tidy by sticking to your theme and restrain from over doing it. Keep the decor to a minimum and have a good amount of open space. Also cluster your small decor pieces together instead of having them equally spaced out.

louisiana lagniappe
saved from louisiana lagniappe

Daily Cleaning

To help with the weekend chores, do a quick wipe down of the sink and countertop after you use it. Try using lysol wipe to make it super quick, or if you can find something that is natural go for it!

I think its time to look at some drool worthy bathrooms..

joyful derivatives
saved from joyful derivatives
saved from
saved from
crate and barrel
saved from crate and barrel

etsy-get naked
saved from


Bah! Okay okay okay… I gotta go declutter my bathroom! I must find a spot for the “get naked” sign.. I neeeeeed it!!

Hope you guys got some inspiration out of this! Have a great Sunday!

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