Dining Table Low Down

Good Morning… Just let me grab some coffee and let me tell you guys how much I value a good dining table. On of my favourite birthday celebrations was when we had a bunch of friends and family over and we were able to sit a long table. The conversation was great, everyone was comfortable, we sat their all night.  Another great time was Thanksgiving, although it was a different dining table (perks of your boyfriend building furniture), that feeling was still there. Plus, it was hella fun to decorate that table for the occasion. Recently we had been the “in between stage” of dining tables. Wanting to build one for ourselves, but with so many ideas – it’s very difficult to decide on one! We ended up moving a table that we had in another room down to the main area of our home, tossed a few dining chairs around it and were set. Again, friends came over and we sat around that table once the fireworks were over on Canada Day.  The conversation was great until the wee hours of the morning.

So lets have a look at some dining tables, and some tips for you to pick out the very best one for you, your family, and your guests to enjoy until the wee hours of the morning..

The Classic Farmhouse

A current favourite for most… the best thing about this style is if you opt for a “rustic” top, the more dents and dings only make it more charming. Chairs can easily be mixed or matched with this baby. You can pair different materials together, wood top, metal legs. Or simply different colour stains or paints, brown legs, white top.. white legs, grey top!

Plus there’s like a million and one ways to DIY this table.. if you’re feeling like a bad ass go getter today.. build your family a damn table.

saved from homeesthetics.net

saved from kindredvintageco.com

saved from hgtv
The Pedestal

Excellent option if your digging the round table idea. Get more seating with out having to worry about pesky legs being between… your legs. The modern trumpet style and the traditional baluster post styles come to mind first. But don’t let your imagination stop there. Cause that would be super silly…  Check these ones out to get your synapses firing.

west elm pedestal
saved from west elm

loaf. com
saved from loaf home
The Trestle

Easily confused with the farmhouse table because they typically have the same aesthetic. But now you will sound like a total pro because you will now know the difference. Farm house typically have a 4 post leg style, where as trestle tables typically have 2-3 trestles  and then a long piece that connects the trestles, either visible at the bottom, or hidden at the top for support. Check it.

start a home decor
saved from start a home decore

saved from flickr.com

DROOOOOOOOL…. who can deny the beauty of a huge piece of wood, finished to perfection and placed perfectly upon legs to make that heavy ass bitch look weightless. Whether it’s a double live edge or just a single, these creatures are gorgeous. They bring the presence of the outdoors into your home.. and are a huge conversation piece. Any style of home can accommodate, just figure out what kind of leg goes best, and well, Bob’s your Uncle.

design. dining. diapers
saved from design dining diapers

bloglovin' slab
saved from bloglovin’

saved from issuu

lookslikewhite.com live edge
saved from looks like white
Confused about sizing?

Allow for each seating area to have about 23-26″ each. Nothing is worse then bumping elbows with person beside you when you’re cutting up your steak.

Minimum clearance between the table and a wall is 36″. We all remember that scene in Home Alone when Kevin and Buzz get into a fight over pizza, the milk spills all over the table and his jerk uncle stands up from his chair and ends up squishing his kids face between the chair and the wall. So if you can, leave 48″.

Thanks for reading guys! Have an excellent day!!

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