Chair Diversity

Well hey there! I hope you guys had an excellent Canada Day, filled with beer, poutine, anything/ everything maple flavoured, and of course some Tragically Hip. Like many other Canadians, I love how diverse our country is. We are a mix match country with people who have come from all parts of the world to now call this country their home. And what a beautiful home it is! I mean really… can you blame them for wanting to have their life here? We really do have allllll of the things. All of them. Beautiful summers, classic winters (or mild winters if you want),  gorgeous lakes and oceans, stunning mountains, and prairies that really know how to make a sunset breath taking.

So in the spirit of our diversity.. (“Ron….  I  doubt the network is worried about an old wooden ship.”) one of my favourite looks right now is mix matched dining chairs. This look is perfect for so many reasons…

  1. It can be used in any style of home. Modern, traditional, Scandinavian, boho, eclectic (of course), etc.
  2. Budget friendly
  3.  Easy to update
  4. Easy to add to

Here’s a few ideas to help you out!

Different Chair, Same Colour

The easiest way to get this look, and most likely the cheapest is to buy some chairs from thrift stores, garage sales, or craigslist and paint them the same colour. OMG so simple. And BOOM, you’ve got yourself an interesting, yet uniform dining set. Maybe painting them the same colour isn’t your thing? Try painting them different pastel colours, or having a couple be the accent colour while the rest are a neutral. Really.. there’s so many options when it comes to paint. Oh and if you end up hating it… guess what? You can paint it again. PAINT EVERYTHING!

If you’ve got a couple DIY skills up your sleeve, you can even upholster the chair seats with different fabrics, or same patterned fabric but different colours. BAH that would be so cute..!!

Same Chair, Different Colour

Another great way (that really doesn’t take much thought to make sure they “go” together) is to buy the same chair in different colours. This is a super neat and tidy look with just the right amount of random interest. Just make sure you really like the chair, and that it’s comfortable if you’re going to buy 8 of them!!

The Ultimate Mash Up

Different styles, different colours, maybe there’s a bench in there too. This one can be a little tough, and can take a bit of playing around to get it right. Good thing returning things is a… thing. (Maybe I need more coffee) Anyway. If you have the patience to play around, this is a super fun way to add interest into your dining area. What’s awesome about this look is that you can throw in a few extra chairs when you decide to host a big dinner party, or if someone brings a random date to Christmas dinner and no one will be the wiser.

Check out these photos to get some great ideas!!

blood and champagne
saved from blood and champagne
saved from lonny magazine
my warehouse home
saved from my warehouse home
smart furniture
saved from smart furniture
saved from
saved from a beautiful mess
saved from futurist architecture
saved from


Thanks for reading guys!!! Hope you all have a fun, safe long weekend, till next time.. Cheers!

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