Industrial in a Different Way

Good morning!

I’ve been noticing that when people want an industrial feel to their home, they automatically go to the threaded pipe fittings material to get this look. Sure, they are great because you really can make almost anything out of them, and they are available at any hardware store, and are super easy to assemble.

To be honest… I’m a little bored of it!

What about other ways to bring that industrial feel into your home without being typical? Lets switch it up!! Lets look at some other materials, or other ways to bring that super cool, industrial feel into your home.


little glass jar
saved from little glass jar
saved from hgtv
saved from etsy
saved from
saved fron mykukun
apartmenttherapy - industrial
saved from apartment therapy
industrial envy
saved from industrial envy
apartment therapy-2
saved from apartment therapy
saved from etsy
saved from a cottage in the city

I’m so in love with all of these ideas!! Especially the old tools in the glass vases and air plants in beakers.. AMAZING!! Now that I’ve got a few ideas kickin’ around in my head, I’m going to tackle my Sunday…

A little short and sweet post for today but… Anyone wanna go to a flea market and look for some old tools??


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