My Favourite Material.. Concrete!

Okay. I nearly had a flippin’ heart attack today because my computer would NOT turn on.  It’s like it knew that I realllllllllly needed it today. Sneaky Bastard. Well now that it’s up and running, and currently burning my lap… (might be time for a new one) I can tell you guys what I’ve been thinking about  A LOT lately.


That’s right… I’m finally going to share my love affair with this building material. And you know what.. it’s totally in style right now and I freaking love it.  I think the reason I’m so in love with concrete is because A.) its GORGEOUS natural grey colour.  B) The simplicity of it.   C) How it can look so industrial, but then is so easy to soften it up with wood, colours, and cozy textures. AND of course D) How versatile it can be!


Concrete can be used in many different ways, and have many different looks. So have a look at some of my favourite ways to use it!


What’s super awesome about concrete countertops is that you have so many options. Your final product can have a polished finish, a satin finish, or matte. The edges can be thick, or thin, squared corners or round, or even have a rough, broken rock-like edge. Although it is concrete, it can still be damaged. Putting a hot pot directly on it could cause a burn mark, and acidic juices can cause staining. The type of sealer used is important, (there are so many types of sealers that will have different looks) if your countertop is going into an area used for food prep, make sure the sealer is food safe!!

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Flooring can be very similar to the same finish as countertops, (when I say finish I’m talking about glossy, satin, or matte) but you can start to add more texture if you like, because we don’t have to worry about food safe!! Phew. However, the more texture you add.. the more difficult it is for you to get dirt out of all those little nooks and crannys. Concrete floors can be acid stained, or even painted. If you want to get super fancy.. you can use a stencil and paint to get a very trendy look. Concrete floors can either be seam less, or be made to look like individual tiles. The tradition stamp concrete is still, very much, an option.

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Walls and Ceilings

Who said that walls had to be painted or covered with wallpaper?!? Why not use concrete for a unexpected “wow” factor! What a surprise that would be to look up, and see a touch of detail in the ceiling.
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We’ve all heard of stamp concrete as driveways and walkways, but what about a simple, clean lined set of stairs leading up to your door? I say yes please!! Or a concrete fire pit to entertain your guest on summer nights!? Just throw a cushion down and you’re set!!
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The possibilities really are endless when it comes to concrete, (whether you like the look of exposed aggregate, or the sparkle of recycled glass) all are great options!  You can also add person details like shells or a vintage tool, or an imprint of an special item.

Take a look at these lovely details.. and think.. maybe your next project calls for concrete!!! Thanks for reading guys, have an excellent day!
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Concrete decor magazine
Saved from concrete decor magazine
concrete network
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