Plan Your Day Like The Boss You Are…

SO. YOU. GUYS. I’m starting to get to that point in the season where I am feeling EXTREMELY guilty with putting on my comfy house clothes basically the moment that I get home. I’ll be honest here.. Sometimes the bra is already half off before I walk through the door. But!! My post last week made me so excited for spring!! The flowers are really starting to bloom, and the yard is actually looking like he needs a hair cut! (SWEEEEET!!!) This is the time of year where everyone comes out of there hibernation dens, and you remember what your friends look like and how damn funny they are. Then comes the plans… and the chores.. and the weekend getaways… and the day trips… and… and… and… BAM! You’re up to your ears in activities and quite obviously overwhelmed, cause bitch – you still gotta work, clean the house, get those groceries, and find time to tweeze those eyebrows.  SO, you’ve got a couple of options.

  1. You hire a nanny for yourself. (this is one of my life goals – they wouldn’t be for my children, cuzzzzz I don’t have those, just someone who can grocery shop for me once in a while, and make me dinner like 2 times a week. How AWESOME would that be!?!?!?)
  2. You climb back into your hibernation den because you “literally can’t even”, but at least you can be hairy.


3. Manage the shit out of your time. Lists. Columns. Multi-fuckin-task.

So number 3 isn’t nearly as sweet as number 1.. But if you can manage your time efficiently, you’ll be surprised with how much you can actually get done in a day!!

So the first thing I do, (probably like most of the women I know) is to make a list. But until recently I was making lists on scrap pieces of paper or anything I could find, thinking that I would remember where I put it, or not leave it in the grocery store. What a dummy.. I always lost the damn list.


NOW, because of a very awesome person.. I have a day planner that is seriously the bees knees. THE BEES KNEES. So now I make lists in this sucker. “What is so great about this day planner, dummy?” you might be asking. And I get it, we all carry around a day planner that has alarms on it and you can set reminders and all that. But I don’t use my calendar in my phone for day to day things. I really have a much easier time planning, remembering, and even focusing if I use the ol’ pen and paper method. Crazy right?  Nah, you know I’m right.

So my day planner is created by a company called Which is kick ass girl squad out of Los Angeles, who is basically like your cheerleading team. They specialize in accessories that are A-DOR-ABLE! And their day planner is actually so awesome. It comes with cute little stickers to help you organize! Plus it has little symbols with a decoder, so you basically have a secret language.

Anyway.. I love it. But when I start with my list I usually start with whatever comes to me first. Then I assess how long these tasks will take, and where they need to be done. Cause hey, maybe I can get two bird stoned at once.. or wait, I mean, two birds with one stone. AND then I decide how important these tasks are. Can they wait till next week? Or have I been putting them off for too damn long? A great tool for this one is called a “time management matrix” and it looks like this…time-management-matrix

This can help you figure out the uber important things, and those who can wait..

I know it’s not a pretty picture.. so here’s a few of my cute day planner.. 😉

FullSizeRender (2)





CUTE RIGHT?!?!?! If you’re curious, check out their site at


A few other tips I have with getting everything done is to do a few small chores before you go to work, or the gym, or wherever you’re rushing off to. Even if it’s just tidying up the living room, or putting a couple dishes away. Anything for 5 – 10 mins is super helpful!!

Make large meals so you have leftovers!! This is my favourite. Because I kinda hate cooking, and I for sure hate having to decide on what to eat for every single meal. Plus the prep, and the cleaning… do it once. Save the time.

Set yourself time limits. For example, “I’m going to clean the kitchen for 15 mins”. Sometimes I get carried away with how clean something is.. and I could spend hours on it. But you know what? It will get dirty again as soon as my boyfriend cooks dinner.

And last… but definitely NOT least.. don’t forget to take some time for yourself!!! Read a book, take a nap, go for a walk. Remember, you are a rock star, and you can only do so much!! If you’re burnt out, tired, and cranky… that isn’t going to help anyone, and people will wish that you chose option number 2. And that sucks.

Alright dudes.. that’s all for today!! Thanks for reading, have an excellent Sunday Funday! Leave me a comment with your time management tips!!


P.S This was not a paid post… I just really dig this day planner…



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