Sooo, wallpaper is back in fashion. Big time.


Ahhh.. is there anything better than a Sunday morning?  Unless there was something worthy of celebrating the night before, and you’re head is pounding, water isn’t quenching your thirst – Sundays are the cats pajamas.  So on this lovely Sunday (because the previous symptoms are not MY problem today), I want to know what you guys think of wall paper?!

I personally love it.. but for some reason its not always the first option that pops into my head. Why the HELL not?!  It can be what ever you need it to be… subtle, dramatic, organic, geomertic, even textured!!  But my ABSOLUTE favourite would have to be wall murals, hands down. You’ve probably seen them around, adding a total wow factor to ever single room they touch. Only problem – deciding on an image. Or do you create something totally custom, because that is totally possible too. There might be a thing as too many choices.. but where’s the fun in predictability?!  We’ll get back to these outstanding wall murals, but first more coffee! And other wallpaper options of course, for the walls that just want a little bit of pattern. Or a lot, that one’s up to you.

Options, options….options.

There are a lot of different types of wallpaper (I know, you’re probably thinking “OMG Darcy.. more choices.. give me a break, lady”). But it really all comes down to 4 things.

  • The area of the wall you are putting it on
  • The state of that wall
  • How easily you would like it to be removed
  • Annnnnnnd the final look you are trying to achieve.

What do I mean about all of that? Well, some wallpapers are to delicate to be washed, so you wouldn’t put them in the kitchen or bathroom, you would use one that is durable and can be scrubbed.  Also, some wallpapers are very thin, so putting those on a wall that has imperfections, like holes and cracks, is going ruin the affect (now wouldn’t that be a waste) and could you IMAGINE if it was a difficult one to remove? What. A. Nightmare.  So here’s a suppppppper quick run down

The Basics

  • Vinyl is the most common, it is durable and can be placed in any room of the house. But it is made of chemicals, so maybe don’t put it in your bedroom.
  • Traditional, also very common,  but not resistant to water or sunlight.
  • Fabric or Woven Back, can be placed on walls with imperfections because it is a thicker material (but you can use a wallpaper liner if with your finishing paper is thin)
  • Flock, is SUPER delicate because it has velvet on it… VELVET GUYS. Flocking fancy.
  • Embossed, basically a design has been pressed onto you get that super awesome texture – which can be subtle or dramatic. And are also good for hiding those imperfections
  • Textile, which can be made up of natural products, such as silk, cotton or linen. This is an awesome product to have in your home. No off gassing, is stain resistant, and fire retardant. The catch? Expensive and difficult to install. But can one really put a price on their health?

Moving On!!

There is still waaaaay more to wallpaper, well I guess I should be saying “wallcovering” but lets just dip our toes in for today. Because Sundays are supposed to be easy, right? Right!  So here’s some eye candy for you! Have a good one guys!!

deep-trees murals
Mural, saved from

vinyl from etsy
Vinyl saved from

herringbone -
saved from
Linen saved from

mad about the house - embossed
Embossed, saved from

polka dot -
saved from

traditional -
Traditional saved from

subtle leaf harlequin
saved from

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