There’s more than one way…

What’s up?! I hope you all had a great week! I’m definitely looking forward to springing ahead and getting that extra hour of day light… Even if it means less sleep. No one ever died from too much coffee right?

Okay sooooo, when I was home for Chirstmas last year – I was talking to my good buddy about different ways of building a home. He had NO idea that there were more ways to build than just the typical wood and steel stud way (and he can frame an amazing home). So I figure if he didn’t know, there’s probably more people that would love to know!

Today I’m gonna shed a little light on a super unique, sustainable way to build, that won’t break the bank..Interested?  It’s called “cob”.

 Wait…what did she just say? 

Cob is basically a mixture of sand, clay, and straw that is best mixed with your… FEET!! Ha! You’re probably thinking “okay hippie weirdo..” but you can make SUPER interesting structures with this material, that are unforgettable. And just think about all the fun you could have stompin’ around, getting your feet all dirty. Plus, the more the merrier! You remember all those friends you’ve helped move? Well looks like you’ve just added a few more pairs of feet for mixing your cob. Winning!

Soo take a peek at these cob homes..

cob cluster
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cob interior 2
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cob fireplace
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cob interior
saved from Architectural Digest


Aren’t they so cool?! I totally fell in love with these as soon as I saw one. You can even build built in benches and shelves!

“Did you guys give up?  Or are ya thirsty for more?” Home Alone quote, did anyone get it? Anyway… Here’s some more info on cob buildings…

  • They have a high thermal mass, and keep climate consistent. They absorb heat from the sun to keep the whole building niiiiice and toasty.
  • They are healthy! There are no products to off gas and release harmful pollutants into the air you are breathing. And if that wasn’t enough, the walls actually breathe themselves! Which is super important. All homes need to breath, hence vents.
  • Cob is strong like bull! The straw (or similar material) holds the whole structure together, and keeps it as one solid piece. Which makes it an excellent match VS. earthquakes. They are also no match for termites! Take that you little vermin!

Thanks for reading guys!!  I hope you found this interesting and let me know what you think of these super cool homes. Stay tuned because I’ve got a few other different building techniques up my sleeve that you might find interesting!

Have a good week dudes!!


2 Replies to “There’s more than one way…”

  1. Thanks, Alexa, for a peek at the Cob Home concept. Where the pictured properties located? Usually, Architectural Digest coverage concentrates on U.S. residences and other properties.
    Question: What is your field – eg. interior designer? By the way, your photo-news is great.


    1. Thanks Bob! I believe the first picture is from Sweden, and the one featured in Architectural Digest is actually in Italy! These structures can be built in many climates. Of course different climates are going to have different needs. A cob structure in British Columbia, would need to have extra insulated thick walls made from straw bales, and if it’s a wet climate – an appropriate roof overhang with a strong foundation. If the climate is hot and humid, then the home would need many windows to keep it ventilated. Each climate is going to have its own challenges.
      And yes! My field is in interior design. Thanks for reading Bob, I hope this has been helpful.


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