Hello 2017! Hello New Trends

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Happy Sunday guys!! Okay, I cannot believe how fast this year is going by! What the… it’s almost March? Geez, well with out any further delay (since time waits for no man), I’m gonna tell ya what my predictions are for the upcoming trends of 2017.

Mirror mirror on the wall… Wait. That’s not the one. Vision, vision in the crystal ball, what will be the trends this year in love we will fall? (Not bad, hey?) So grab that cup of coffee and let’s dive in!

Colour colour everywhere, but not a drop in our kitchens!?! WTF!

Okay! Sooo we started to see 2-tone kitchens become very popular in 2016, with greys and whites being mixed with wood veneered cabinets. I think that this is only going to progress in 2017, but I think people are going to get braver, I hope!! My crystal ball (just kidding, it’s a hunk of white quartz that I’m obsessed with) is telling me that we are going to start seeing more colour being used! BOOO YAAA! Let’s liven things up a bit by adding those dramatic hues to our cabinets. Dark navy, yes please! Deep burgundy? Ohhh baby! Feeling extra bold? Try matte black and you will be my hero. MY. HERO!  But if you aren’t feeling so brave, don’t fret my dear. There are so many beautiful pastel colours that add uniqueness, personality, and life to your cabinetry.

Slate is the new Sexy 

Boy I hope I’m right about this one… Black appliances. Can you say HUBBA HUBBA? These black and slate coloured stainless steel appliances from LG, GE, and Samsung are what dreams are made from. Although they have been out for a while, I really think people are starting to look for an alternative to the stainless steel look. The black and slate colours are so sleek, so slick, SO SEXY, I feel like “50 Shades of Grey” should have really been written about these babes. Would anyone go watch a movie about black appliances on Valentines Day?  No?   Weird… Anyway, I really hope to see these in more kitchens, because they are a head turner… In my books. Say toodle loo to the classic stainless and hello to its darker sister, cuz she’s a bad ass bitch that’s here to stay.

So Long Succulents…

OMG I’m Joking.. I still love my succulents. They are the children that I’ve never had. They are so cute I just want to… bite them? Am I the only one?!?!?  But hanging and climbing plants are climbing their way right back into our hearts. And thank God! They are so organic and free who wouldn’t love them? They are the perfect accessory to your bookshelf, or that empty corner in your bedroom. They help bring some life into your home, and because you can plop their little plant arms where you please, you can make your room look larger. SAY WHAAAAAT? That’s right friends, you can basically use them to create lines to draw your eye up and down, or (of course) over! Plus! With all their leafy leaves hanging around, they are gonna clean up your air! So, if your bedroom looks like a BOMB went off in your mad dash to get to work in a decent outfit… at least you can rest easy knowing the air you breath in there is clean!!

Check out these drool worthy photos, and thanks for reading guys!

Saved from freshhome.com
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Saved from http://www.housebeautiful.co.uk
Saved from http://www.housebeautiful.co.uk

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