Peter Piper Picked a Tile.. How The Hell Did He Do It??

So, the other day I was out shopping for tile with my girlfriend, you know – it is tough to figure out where to begin! There are SO many options these days… where’s a girl to start?!?!

BUT Before I lay down the best way to pick out tile.. SUPER quick side note: This is my first blog EVER!!! I have been wanting to get my ideas on “paper” and be able to share with you for a while now! I hope you enjoy, and this becomes a more consistent outlet for you!! Alright, side note over.. Back to tile!

The Pinterest Let Down

I know it’s so tempting to start scrolling through Pinterest, but sometimes, SOMETIMES that isn’t the best place to start (I know, you probably hate me now…but wait!).You should check out what is available in your area. The WORST is when you fall head over heels in love with a tile, and then realize it’s on another continent with crazy shipping charges, and a huge minimum order, and wait.. they want your first born? Then you are forced to settle, and end up singing “Nothing Compares To You” by Sinead O’Connor to that one glorious tile who got away.

My suggestion?

Go to a retailer and see what’s up! Once you get a good look at colour, shapes and styles that are available (and in your budget), THEN go on Pinterest. You can come up with different lay outs, or ways to incorporate different tiles together. And don’t forget, you can always cut tile to create some pretty interesting patterns!! Don’t let shapes confine your imagination… ‘cuz that ain’t cool, and no body puts baby in the corner.

Lockin’ it down

Choosing a kitchen backsplash can be the most difficult!! You want it to say the right thing about your kitchen, but it better not say more than your quartz countertop that everyone is drooling over, unless you want it to!  It’s a great idea to wait until all the pieces of your kitchen are installed before pulling the trigger on your backsplash choice. Because a kitchen can  fully function without a backsplash, TAKE YOUR TIME!! If it’s floor tile you are deciding on, take samples home and ponder over their size, colour, shape, and texture while you have coffee (or wine, cause renovations are stressful!). Walk on them. Put them next to surfaces or furnishing that are going to stay. And lay them on the plane as to which they would be installed. This is SUPER important, as lighting can be a cruel mistress!! See them at different times of the day (because you know what I think of lighting..). And ultimately – when you’ve made the right decision, you will be excited!!

 Check out these tile lay outs and let me know what you think!!

Arc Series by Olympia Tile
Saved from
Olympia Tile- Hexagon Merino Series
Saved from

Still confused? Leave a comment and we can figure it out!!

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